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Our readers are investment professionals and entrepreneurs looking to identify thematic investment ideas, as well as travel aficionados seeking meaningful and unique experiences.


The Caribbean represents an ideal investment opportunity for individuals who are creative and can look beyond the initial veneer of a tourism-centric region.
In many of these countries, you’ll find an educated and intelligent workforce, a progressive banking system, ease of doing business, a stable political environment, favorable tax policies, and reliable infrastructure. There are challenges, but an innovative entrepreneur figures out how to get around those and converts them into actionable opportunities.


Most investors in North American securities tend to overlook the Caribbean stock markets at the risk of missing out on differentiated exposure to rising emerging and frontier market economies.
There are also attractive opportunities in private equity, venture capital, real estate and infrastructure, offering exceptional diversification to an investment professional’s portfolio. One of our goal on this site is to highlight such opportunities.


Nelly Nyambi is the founder and editor of Life Is Caribbean. She is also the founder of brandautonomy.com, a creative agency that works with entrepreneurs.

Prior to launching Life Is Caribbean, Nelly spent 18 years working on Wall Street in various roles, including investment strategy research, hedge fund marketing, and selling stocks & bonds to institutional investors.
Nelly has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Columbia University in New York City; She has lived in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa; She speak English and French fluently, and is conversant in Spanish and Italian. Together, these factors give her a global perspective which is reflected in her work.
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